Rebekah Burgess - Chasing Rainbows
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Rebekah Burgess is a New Zealand poet, born in England in 1981, who has been writing for more than 20 years.

She performs at open mike events in the Wellington and Porirua regions and has recently released her first chapbook, with another book in the pipeline.

Each time I climb the wall

empowerment spreads and fills

the space, each time the door closes

another trust seedling must grow.

Please water the seedling:

it will grow again.

Tree of Trust, Chasing Rainbows, released 2017

For Richard 

Everybody said you had a beautiful
smile – I want to be able to capture
that and recreate you
bone by bone, smile by smile,
photo by photo, memory by memory


but you’ve gone, disappeared
my big brother left me
to hold my own hand
when I was six.


I used to think
he looked so old
my big brother.


Now he just sits there
in a cruel trick
never to age,
never to laugh again.


An untouchable image
in a faded photograph
silent. You’ll never speak again.


What was your voice like?
Was it gravelly, like a singer?
Who’d had too many cigarettes?


or soft
like a boy
who’d yet to become
a man?


Did you sing, sometimes,
and even dance?


Frozen, mid-song
brothers in arms
we’re in Dire Straits
we forgot to push play
on the next track


and I’ve fallen off the track
siblings forced apart


a faded photograph
a faded memory
a scream.


In memory of Richard Birchenall

(21 August 1968 – 13 September 1987)